Cranberry Hibiscus

  • Cranberry hibiscus is an edible plant from the hibiscus family originally from Africa. It is named “cranberry” because of its deep red coloring. It’s a little tart and sweet and tastes like a cranberry.
  • Cranberry hibiscus is a rich source of vitamin C. It also contains vitamin B-3, or niacin, and B-2, or riboflavin, and provides a source of iron and calcium.
  • An excellent source for antioxidants because of its vitamin C content. Antioxidants help lower levels of bad LDL cholesterol, may help in treating liver disease, and help protect your body from diseases because they neutralize the free radicals present in body tissues and cells.
  • The B vitamins, like those in cranberry hibiscus, are known to give you more energy throughout the day.
  • Drinking several cups of hibiscus tea during the day may help lower blood pressure. Hibiscus contains flavonoids and anthocyanin that have been shown to support heart health, prevent and fight certain cancers and may help prevent age-related mental decline.

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